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Self-judgment and Freedom of Choice
a Muslim it’s always obligated to be true servant of Allah. Though we always
have freedom of choice regarding decisions of life but still it always needs
Allah’s approval. You are not free to choose your life but you can judge your
actions before your return to Allah.  Self
judgment is one of the necessary things in life. Because it is the only way you
can make lesser mistakes.Hajj
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are human beings and the power of mind is only provided to this creation of
Allah. The use of mind is completely up to a person, you have your intellect
and different ways in front of you, now it is all about your choice that you
choose right or wrong. After making a choice you have to become your own judge,
your conscience and heart will tell you about it.

you are your own judge and at the same time free to choose, see if your
decision was right or not. One’s freedom is also restricted to some extent, you
cannot go beyond the limits of your mind, Allah is the guardian, and he has
kept the control of the universe in his own hands. Make your choice, do effort
to achieve the results and make sure to be on the right path.

forgiveness and show your affection towards Allah. Find the ways of pleasing
him by helping the humanity. Trust his division of rewards, he never misjudges
anyone on anything, and he knows the best.

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