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Adam Townsend's Brave debut mobilizes Tennessee town in viewing parties | FightBook MMA (
For years, sports have been a way to represent athletes' families, communities, and countries worldwide and it's not different with Brave Combat Federation or the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. When Brave 19 main event kicks-off on December 8, a small community in Tennessee, almost 9 thousand miles away from South Africa, will be mobilized and in front of their TVs to watch and cheer for one of their proudest members. With around four thousand residents, the town of Hampton, in the Tri-cities area, is the home of Adam Townsend, who is making his promotional debut at Brave Combat Federation headlining the South African card. "Hampton is definitely a small community but I'm very proud to be a part of. I train in Johnson City, at D3 MMA, but Hampton is where I am from!", he stated. In a ritual that became a local tradition every time "Primetime" fights, the small city will have nothing less than three viewing-parties dedicated to follow and support Townsend performance. "They always have