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David Bear Ready to Roar for Brave CF | FightBook MMA (
Before David Bear tries to improve to 8-1 in his return to the Brave CF cage on Saturday December 8, 2018, the fast-rising French prospect spoke with FightbBook MMA. How were you introduce to MMA to begin with? After 5 years without sport I wanted to come back in combat sport as I trained for 9 years as a judoka. I was looking for boxing class to change but impossible to find it. So I tried this class called Mixed Martial arts. It was hard ! But I loved it and my judo background was really usefull so it was the perfect deal for me : learning how to boxe but still using takedowns! How do you feel about what you've accomplished so far? I feel confident for the future. I am a hard worker that never lies to himself at trainings and who gives everything in the cage. I learn everyday and so I get better everyday What would you like fans to know about you? My wife use to say that The Bear is out of hibernation before I start my training camp because I use to be so much bigger than my fighting