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Vishal Balmiki is coming to take over no Gi Bjj by storm | FightBook MMA (
Vishal Balmiki (11-1), 23, who's a Bantam and Feather fighter and a Golden State Grappling and Silver in National Grappling (Grappling Federation of India). This talent needs to get promoted and noticed. He's one of the upcoming young guys to take over Indian No-Gi Bjj community and a leg killer in MMA. After dropping out college he started working in a small media house and work in night shifts in amazon logistic department. His dream to become the best grappler in No-Gi. He is an off bit grappler. He is the vivid follower of DDS (Danahaer Death Squad) and Eddie Bravo. He's still one of the best in the active No-Gi competitor. He his specialized in submission and beware of his leg attacks!! He Fights out of Taponomics Fight Team and managed by Ratul Mukherjee. His debut is the one of the big thing to showcase his attack techniques and he is coming to take over No-Gi Bjj by storm!!