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Director of Public Relations for Shamrock FC Plans for a Landmark Year in 2019 | | FightBook MMA (
It appears as though MMA Organization Shamrock FC will look to finish 2018 on a strong note while looking to continue the momentum heading into 2019. Recently, MMA commentator and Director of Public Relations for Shamrock FC joined The Complete Knockout to talk about their upcoming event, his personal backstory into MMA and their overall outlook for 2019. Shamrock Fighting Promotions was founded in 1998 as an organization intended to develop the young fighters in St. Louis, Missouri. They wanted to create a promotion where fans would experience a high-quality event. "Shamrock FC was started by Strikeforce fighter Jesse Finney and his buddy Rob Donaker and they started doing Boxing and Kickboxing shows. That was their big thing - they were in the kickboxing world and they always wanted from the old days from the fight of providing an experience". Jeremy Johnson began telling FightBookMMA. They never wanted to create another promotion where people would come in to just see two