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Brave Combat Federation announces new weight classes for 2019 | FightBook MMA (
Brave Combat Federation is once again at the forefront of changes in mixed martial arts. The biggest MMA promotion in the Middle East has officially announced the launch of two new weight classes, designed to give further options to fighters who have problems making weight, especially between the lightweight and welterweight divisions. Check out what fighters had to say about the new changes with Brave CF new weight classes by going HERE. In accordance with the new unified rules, Brave CF will add two new weight classes, while extinguishing one. The two divisions added are super lightweight (165 lbs or 74,8 kg) and super welterweight (175 lbs or 79,3 kg), which means the old welterweight division is extinct. Fighters who have trouble making the old welterweight limit but feel they are too small to compete with middleweight counterparts will now have the choice of fighting at super welterweight, while those who can't go down to lightweight have been offered a new path that doesn't