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3 Effective Ways to Build Up an Ideal Good Night Sleep (
It’s been 2 am and you haven’t slept yet. You have just shut down your laptop after
binging on some Netflix series, playing PUBG and Ludu star, etc.  Now you are unable to sleep. It is because
you have missed your actual sleep time.

If you are
still struggling to go to sleep but finding it hard, most likely you may have
suffered from Insomnia. I became so scared of this painful diagnosis from my
psychiatrist.  My throat was dried of the
panic of daily intake of sleeping pills. It was because I didn’t want myself to
become a sleeping pill addict.

But right after
my mystical visitation of holiest Kaaba that I had last year through cheap umrah Packages( decided to leave this
health-harming habit of late sleeping.  I
accept that it is not as easy as it sounds, because it is a wrong way of life.
A bad sleeping habit is just like a slow poison that a person knowingly
inflicts to gradually kill his own health.

During my
Umrah's journey I prayed to Allah (SWT) to mend my wrong ways and lead my life on
an ideal rhythm. After coming back home I decided to make my life better on
my own with a strident faith in Allah (SWT).

bearing a difficult time of two months, I overcame my wrong sleeping patterns
on my own without taking a single sleeping pill. 

3 Steps to Amend the Wrong Sleeping

Here I would
like to summarize my endeavor for health improvement in three understandable
steps.  Although these would cause some
difficulties in the start, but once you start them you would get habitual of a
good healthy routine.  These incredible
steps are as follows




Build up an on Time Night sleep
through Sleep Restriction

Nothing is
impossible for a human mind. If you are fed up of your late night awaking or
wrong sleeping patterns then first of all start up by setting an alarm for early
rising. No matter how much or when you sleep teach yourself to wake up early in
the morning.

 Keep Yourself Hell Busy the whole day

You may feel
drowsy exhaustive or tired after rising early. So endure it by keeping yourself
busy day long. This step will work well if you are habitual of sleeping at
daylight hours. Due to this wrong habit of the random day sleeping you are unable
to sleep at night on time.

After the
day-long exhaustion after early rising, your brain would ultimately signal your
body for rest at accurate night hours.

Stop Recalling Stressful events

about the painful past events or worrying about the future while laying on bed is an extremely hazardous habit for a human mind. The long term continuation of this
bad habit causes utmost depression leading to insomnia.

A Muslim
never becomes sad about these fleeting worldly affairs. He/she never let anything
be a stumbling block in the divine way of Imaan on Allah (SWT).

So instead
of wasting time in worries, recite your night supplications. You would
miraculously get solace with good night sleep.